Accessing NYU Internet in Shanghai

All students going to NYU Shanghai should download the NYU VPN client before their arrival in China. You will not need it in the residence hall or campus, but it will be helpful for other locations. Please visit

Housing Application Available

Housing Rates:
Communal style:
Double: $1863, Large Double: $2234, Single: $3353,
Apartment style:
Double $3633, large double $4004.
Application Deadline: Nov 18th, 2016 (Remember your 1000 USD housing deposit is also due at this time. You must pay this even though it doesn’t appear on your bill, see instructions here).
Single rooms: 1% of housing are singles (students who have specific health needs and register with the Moses Center receive priority)
Cancellation deadline: Cancellations before December 9th will not incur a housing penalty fee. View entire schedule here.
Application Hints: 
1. When you click the application link, it will direct you to a blank page ask for your names, NetID. There is an “Application” button above it, click “Application” to start.
2. There are many terms options, only choose” Spring 2017 study away”; otherwise your application will not be considered.

Updated Info: Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation

As mentioned previously, all students currently in the New York area are required to attend the Pre-Departure Orientation on Saturday, November 5.  The session for NYU Shanghai will be 9 am to 12 pm in Kimmel. More details to come!

If you are unable to attend because of religious observance, you must email me by October 21.  Alternate arrangements will be made for those students as well as students currently studying outside of New York.

Flight Options & Arrival Information

Please keep in mind you MUST arrive in Shanghai on February 2, and you are responsible for booking your own flight. You may check into the residence after 12pm. Housing is available only for the dates of the program (February 2 – May 27, 2017) so if you plan to arrive early or leave late, please be aware you will be responsible for your own accommodations.  You can access the program calendar here.

When shopping for flights, you are welcome to use any provider of your choice, but we encourage you to use NYU’s preferred partner, Egencia, to buy your ticket. Please see the following Egencia instructions for info on how to book your flight through Egencia.

Many flights leave the night before and will likely arrive in the morning.  Be sure to book a flight that lands in Shanghai on February 2 LOCAL TIME AND DATE. You may want to keep this in mind when you are booking flights; however, a detailed Arrival Cheat Sheet will be provided closer to departure and this will give clear instructions on how to navigate the airport and get to the residence. NYU Shanghai site staff will be providing shuttle service from Pudong International Airport (PVG) on February 2. Check back here for a time frame, which is subject to flight arrivals, so make sure to submit your flight information later in the semester!

Please note:  All students will be required to submit their flight details closer to departure.  Instructions for doing so will come later on in the semester!

Connecting with Other Students

Aside from the kick-off event, we will have a few other opportunities this semester where you will get a chance to meet each other, but feel free to also coordinate something on your own. The NYU Shanghai Spring 2017 Facebook Group is a great way to get the ball rolling – join, introduce yourself, and don’t be shy!

This is a private group just for students attending the program this spring.  We will occasionally post information in the Facebook group about fun articles or events, but this group is primarily a social venue for you all!

You can always also connect with a student who previously studied at NYU Shanghai by emailing  They are available to answer anything you may be wondering about from the student perspective!

Save the Date – Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation

Save the date! All students currently in the New York area are expected and required to attend the NYU Shanghai Pre-Departure Orientation on Saturday, November 5. No exceptions.

If you are unable to attend because of religious observance, you must email me by October 21st. Alternative arrangements will be made for those students.

If you are currently studying outside of New York, don’t worry — we will also make alternative arrangements later in the semester so you receive all the same information.

Register with the Moses Center

The Henry and Lucy Moses Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) determines qualified disability status and assists students in obtaining appropriate accommodations and services, both at their home campuses and while studying away.

Students currently registered who will be studying away must contact the Henry and Lucy Moses Center for Students with Disabilities in order to discuss resources that might be required, to provide the necessary documentation, and to arrange for these services well before departure.

Additionally, students should speak to the Moses Center if they feel reasonable accommodations may need to be requested while away.  Accommodations include but are not limited to:  testing accommodations, note takers, use of computer for exams, materials in an alternate format, and provision of sign language interpreters to name a few.

Please visit the Study Away and Disability page on the Moses Center’s website to learn more.  Information is provided for all NYU students (NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Shanghai, and NYU New York home campuses), as well as for Visiting (non-NYU) students.  Requests for accommodation at the NYU Global Sites must be made no later than four to six weeks before departure.

Students are able to reach out to the Moses Center with questions by calling +1 (212) 998-4980 or emailing

Meet Your Site Representative


As you begin navigating the pre-departure process leading up to spring 2017 in Shanghai, I am here to assist along the way.  Whether this means you choose to make an appointment with me, send me an email, Skype, or simply keep up with all weekly blog posts and to-dos, know that I am your point person.

Aside from any recommended social events, NYU students in the Washington Square area can expect to meet me in person at the required pre-departure orientation.  Otherwise the majority of my communications will come electronically, but know that I am always happy to meet in-person to clarify any uncertainties.  Here is my contact information:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +1-212-998-4284
  • Office: 383 Lafayette Street, 4th Floor (contact me to make an appointment)

I am incredibly excited for you all to have an amazing study away experience, and look forward to working with you in the lead up to February!