Updated Info: Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation

As mentioned previously, all students currently in the New York area are required to attend the Pre-Departure Orientation on Saturday, November 5.  The session for NYU Shanghai will be 9 am to 12 pm in Kimmel. More details to come!

If you are unable to attend because of religious observance, you must email me by October 21.  Alternate arrangements will be made for those students as well as students currently studying outside of New York.

Chinese Language Placement Exam

Not sure which language course you should take, or if you place out? Read below!

  • If you have never learned Chinese, go ahead and sign up for a Beginners-level course (there are 2-credit and 4-credit options, see courses here).
  • If you have a level of Chinese language skills, but have never taken a college-level Chinese language class, you can take the CAS online foreign language (Mandarin) placement exam to determine your level and appropriate class.
  • If you take the Placement Exam and believe the level in which you placed is too low, you can email shanghai.chinese.program@nyu.edu to have your language level reassessed. You must contact them before Feb 2, 2017 to set up a consultation. 
  • If you want to request exemption from taking a language class, you must contact shanghai.chinese.program@nyu.edu to make an appointment for an exemption exam or to submit diplomas or certificates by Feb 2, 2017. Do note that the Shanghai Chinese program offers language classes up to post-advanced levels and it’s a requirement for study away students in Shanghai to take a language class; therefore, the exemption line is set on the post-advanced level other than Intermediate II or Advanced II. 
  • The exemption exams and reassessment consultations will take place starting Feb 6, 2017 at 1 pm, the first day of the semester.

J-Term Courses at NYU Shanghai

NYU Shanghai will offer six January Term (J-Term) courses in Shanghai this January 2017. Students who study away at NYU Shanghai for Spring 2017 will be eligible to pay a discounted rate for J-term housing based on their rate for the spring semester. Contact shanghai.globalaffairs@nyu.edu if you have specific questions.
J-Term courses give students the opportunity to study away in Shanghai and experience the excitement and wonder of Shanghai, one of the most dynamic cities in Asia. Courses typically include excursions in the local Shanghai community and surrounding areas to complement what is being taught in the classroom. Students live at the NYU Shanghai residence halls and benefit from NYU’s facilities, professors, and full-time academic and student life staff. The courses offered this year are:

CSCI-SHU 50 The Design Sprint: Modern Aging and the Future of Health in China
BUSF-SHU 321 Equity Valuation
CCEX-SHU 119 Microbes
CCSF-SHU 134 “China for Sale” : Drugs, Food, Travel, and Advertising in Modern China
MGMT-SHU 301 Management & Organizations
NEUR-SHU 261 Special Topics: Neurobiology of Decision Making

Equity Valuation and Management & Organizations are equivalent to the Stern courses.  
Additionally, the Neurobiology course counts towards the Neural Science undergraduate major in NY. 

NYU students can apply on Albert, the priority application deadline was Monday October 17th and the final application deadline is November 25, 2016. For more information, visit our website: shanghai.nyu.edu/jterm 

Reach out to shanghai.globalaffairs@nyu.edu with any questions.

Save the Date – Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation

Save the date! All students currently in the New York area are expected and required to attend the NYU Shanghai Pre-Departure Orientation on Saturday, November 5. No exceptions.

If you are unable to attend because of religious observance, you must email me by October 21st. Alternative arrangements will be made for those students.

If you are currently studying outside of New York, don’t worry — we will also make alternative arrangements later in the semester so you receive all the same information.

Reserve Your Spot in the Program

Don’t forget to confirm your place in the program!  Instructions are below (if you previously logged into NYU Home and were unable to accept the offer, please clear your browser history/cache – this will delete the information your computer stored about your previous NYUHome session – before attempting to log in again). Reservation fees are encouraged before October 24th.

**It is important to understand that it is the fee that guarantees your place in the program.   Please note: enrollment capacity is limited. If the program reaches capacity before we receive your reservation, you will be placed on a waitlist.**

To Accept or Decline Our Offer Online:

  • Log on to your NYUHome account.
  • Select the “Academics” Tab > Select the “Albert” login link >
  • Click on the “Applicants” link > Select the “Application Status” link under the “Admissions” heading >
  • Click the “Admission Offer” button at the top of the page > Click the “Accept/Decline” link to accept or decline the Admission offer >
  • Click either the “Accept Offer” or “Decline Offer” button > Follow the prompts until you confirm your final decision.

Note: If you accept our offer, please be prepared to pay the required non-refundable reservation fee by e-check. After you make your final decision, the “Admission Offer” button will no longer be available to you.

Meet Your Site Representative


As you begin navigating the pre-departure process leading up to spring 2017 in Shanghai, I am here to assist along the way.  Whether this means you choose to make an appointment with me, send me an email, Skype, or simply keep up with all weekly blog posts and to-dos, know that I am your point person.

Aside from any recommended social events, NYU students in the Washington Square area can expect to meet me in person at the required pre-departure orientation.  Otherwise the majority of my communications will come electronically, but know that I am always happy to meet in-person to clarify any uncertainties.  Here is my contact information:

  • Email: jessica.levin@nyu.edu
  • Phone: +1-212-998-4284
  • Office: 383 Lafayette Street, 4th Floor (contact me to make an appointment)

I am incredibly excited for you all to have an amazing study away experience, and look forward to working with you in the lead up to February!