Introducing Your Student Senators Council Site Ambassador

The Student Senators Council at NYU has selected a group of your peers studying away in the spring of 2017 as student representatives who will work to improve student life across NYU’s Global Network University. Known as your Site Ambassadors, they will act as a general liaison between students at your site and global programs initiatives in Abu Dhabi, New York, or Shanghai.

Without further ado, we would like to introduce Melinda Chen,

Melinda is a junior in the Global Studies Program, concentrating in Law, Ethics, & Religion currently studying away in Shanghai. She has previously been involved on campus through the Inter-Residence Hall Council and has served last semester as a member of the NYU Shanghai Student Government in the Student Life and Residence Committee. As a full year study away student, Melinda has seen a divide between NYU New York and NYU Shanghai students from a lack of communication and opportunities to interact despite the clear need and benefits that would come from the collaboration. For the spring 2017, Melinda hopes to establish regular forums for study away students to engage with portal students, and bring about a positive outlook for both parties on the importance of studying away.

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