Consider taking this course! “The Globalization of Business Enterprise”

The Globalization of Business Enterprise (GLOBE) will be offered simultaneously in NYU New York and Shanghai in spring 2017. The course will be taught by Professor Heini Shi in Shanghai and co-taught via video by Stern professor Pankaj Ghemawat, considered by the Economist the one of the greatest management thinkers of all time.

The course focuses on globalization and its implications for business and individuals. It examines the global business environment and practices, emphasizing on implications of the globalization on business strategy, functional policies, as well as on individuals who make decisions on their professional and personal lives.

The course is composed of four modules that review the facts about globalization on a spectrum of macro to managerial to personal aspects and spark reflections about the future agenda for global business leaders.  These four modules are: 1) introduction of globalization, its myths, and business consequences; 2) presentation of the theoretical framework that analyzes similarities and differences and related strategic/functional implications on business decision-makers; 3) strategic responses to globalization on how to overcome and take advantage of cross-border differences; 4) globalization and you: to help the students to understand the importance of planning a global career and expanding their horizons to become a better global citizen.

The course is designed to use multiple delivery modes, including the flipped classroom model (where structured content is delivered via NYU Classes pre-class and in-class time is a mixture of lecture and key discussion), or a blended class model (where some class sessions are completed 100% online with clear content, discussion and deliverables, and alternating class sessions are completed face-to-face), or an online synchronous model (where all class sessions take place synchronously online).

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