Update: NYU Shanghai Textbook Website

The NYU Shanghai Textbook Website includes the required textbooks and course materials information for Spring 2017 semester.  Please read the following text carefully as it contains important information about how to order your textbooks and required materials for your classes. These details are also available on the Textbook Website for your future reference.


NYU Shanghai students are expected to purchase required course materials for all enrolled classes by the end of the second week Add/Drop deadline. Required textbook information has been posted on NYU Shanghai Textbooks Website. Please follow the instructions below carefully:

  1. Make sure to check this Website for detailed information of required textbooks as well as the format of each textbook for each of your enrolled courses (e.g. physical hard-copy or electronic).
  2. If the website shows that the textbook is required in physical hardcopy format, you must order it through the NYU Shanghai Textbooks Website. No verification of substitutions will be allowed (except the calculus and Chinese Books).
  3. If the website shows that the textbook is provided as an electronic version, you have two options:
  • Option #1: Order the e-textbook from the NYU Shanghai Textbooks Website. Students may not replace NYU Shanghai e-textbooks with e-versions purchased on their own. E-textbooks can be only purchased through NYU Shanghai.
  • Option #2: Purchase a physical hard copy from a legal source with the same ISBN number listed on the NYU Shanghai Textbooks Website and verify your copy with the textbook team during the textbook distribution sessions. Please following the Verifying Instructions.

If a student is enrolled in a class, but has not ordered course materials prior to the course add/drop deadline, the university will process an order for the necessary course materials for the student after Feb. 17th.

The Bursar’s Office will pre-bill each student $500 for course materials before the semester starts. You will receive a refund, if your course materials end up costing less than $500. If they end up costing more than $500, you will be separately billed for the amount above $500.

Orders are by course not book. Confirming an order is for all books in a course.

There are 4 deadlines for processing orders (see table below). Before each deadline, you may go back and modify or cancel your order without penalty. However, after that deadline has passed, all orders in the system up to that point will be processed and cannot be returned or exchanged. Thus, review your orders carefully!

If you place your order before 11:59 PM China time on this date… You can pick up your course materials on campus starting on this date…. (exact location will be announced later)
January 19th. February 3rd and February 5th Morning (10AM-12PM)
February 5th February 6th (first day of the classes)
February 12th February 13th
February 17th February 20th

After February 17th, if you have not ordered textbooks through the website or not had your own copies verified in-person at a designated Textbook Verification Session, the university will automatically order the textbooks for you and you will be charged. You may contact us at nyush.academic.associates@nyu.edu with any questions.

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