Featured Courses for Spring 2017- Enroll!

We’re excited to announce two courses with international and legal perspectives in Spring 2017 taught by Stephen Harder who is an international lawyer, recently retired as managing partner of the China practice of Clifford Chance LLP. He was previously based in New York, Brussels, Warsaw, Moscow, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. When based in Europe, he was legal advisor to the Russian and Polish mass privatization programs and the Polish sovereign debt rescheduling.

International Investment Transactions in Developing Countries. LWSO – SHU 491-001.
This course deals with issues frequently encountered by legal counsel and business executives and government officials in cross-border investment transactions involving developing countries – particularly in China, Africa and Latin America.

Topics will include: multilateral development institutions and development banks, state owned companies and “state capitalism”, government ministries and the approval process, national security review and anti-trust review, land and environmental issues, labor relations and unions, management compensation, due diligence and corruption, intellectual property protection, corporate governance and ownership structures, disclosure in public offerings, foreign exchange controls, private equity structures, cross border financing, political risk and political risk insurance, bilateral investment treaties, dispute resolution and choice of law, and the role and ethical obligations of local and international legal counsel and business advisors.

Law, Business and Society. SOIM-SHU 9006-001.

In LBS, students will gain an understanding the American legal system. They will explore areas where law influences the structure of business and society, and where society and business shape the law. In the process, students should become sensitive to ambiguities and tensions inherent in any legal system, and more aware of legal risk in the business environment. The course involves close reading of decisions by the US Supreme Court and other courts in significant cases relating to the common law, statutory law and constitutional rights and powers. We will also consider news reports and video and audio materials, including excerpts of oral arguments before the US Supreme Court, as well as materials specially prepared for this course by NYU Stern faculty.


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