Chinese Language Placement Exam

Not sure which language course you should take, or if you place out? Read below!

  • If you have never learned Chinese, go ahead and sign up for a Beginners-level course (there are 2-credit and 4-credit options, see courses here).
  • If you have a level of Chinese language skills, but have never taken a college-level Chinese language class, you can take the CAS online foreign language (Mandarin) placement exam to determine your level and appropriate class.
  • If you take the Placement Exam and believe the level in which you placed is too low, you can email to have your language level reassessed. You must contact them before Feb 2, 2017 to set up a consultation. 
  • If you want to request exemption from taking a language class, you must contact to make an appointment for an exemption exam or to submit diplomas or certificates by Feb 2, 2017. Do note that the Shanghai Chinese program offers language classes up to post-advanced levels and it’s a requirement for study away students in Shanghai to take a language class; therefore, the exemption line is set on the post-advanced level other than Intermediate II or Advanced II. 
  • The exemption exams and reassessment consultations will take place starting Feb 6, 2017 at 1 pm, the first day of the semester.

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