Passport Information, Including NYU Passport Drive

In order to study abroad, all students must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond your time abroad (i.e. beyond November 2017). This is mandated by the government of the country where you will be studying!

If you do not have a passport, or your current passport expires before the date above, you should take immediate steps to obtain or renew it. Due to the limited time between now and the start of the program, you are strongly encouraged to apply for a passport with expedited service. Standard service for US passports takes 4-6 weeks, however we need a copy of your passport far sooner than this. Expedited service takes 2-3 weeks which is our recommendation (Please note there is an additional charge for expedited service if needed). Keep in mind that if you require a visa for your study abroad program, your visa process may take a number of weeks as well. US Passport Agencies can also expedite the process further with a letter from our office. If you would like to pursue that option, please send us an email at and we will be happy to supply it.

Additionally, NYU OGS is hosting a Passport Drive this Friday, October 14th, from 10am-2pm.  Representatives from the US Department of State will be accepting US passport applications.  If you have not applied for or renewed your passport, we strongly recommend you attend. Additional information can be found here.  Registration is required.
Non-US citizens should contact their local embassy or consulate for information about their passport renewal process. You can find a complete list of embassies and consulates worldwide here.


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