Reserve Your Spot in the Program

Don’t forget to confirm your place in the program!  Instructions are below (if you previously logged into NYU Home and were unable to accept the offer, please clear your browser history/cache – this will delete the information your computer stored about your previous NYUHome session – before attempting to log in again). Reservation fees are encouraged before October 24th.

**It is important to understand that it is the fee that guarantees your place in the program.   Please note: enrollment capacity is limited. If the program reaches capacity before we receive your reservation, you will be placed on a waitlist.**

To Accept or Decline Our Offer Online:

  • Log on to your NYUHome account.
  • Select the “Academics” Tab > Select the “Albert” login link >
  • Click on the “Applicants” link > Select the “Application Status” link under the “Admissions” heading >
  • Click the “Admission Offer” button at the top of the page > Click the “Accept/Decline” link to accept or decline the Admission offer >
  • Click either the “Accept Offer” or “Decline Offer” button > Follow the prompts until you confirm your final decision.

Note: If you accept our offer, please be prepared to pay the required non-refundable reservation fee by e-check. After you make your final decision, the “Admission Offer” button will no longer be available to you.


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